By choosing GP Design professional landscape design and Landscape construction, you will benefit from creative knowledge and experience, allowing the development and creation of your dream outdoor space. All the plans are professionally drawn, precisely scaled and easy to read. With a set of professional plans you can feel comfortable to take on the installation of the project yourself, or you can retain GP Design for subsequent project installation. “Who can install better than who designed it!”


GPDesign offers a full Landscape design service. Your package could include any or all of the following:


Our Master Plans are a copy of the Concept Plan that also shows all the plant names and partial hardscaping information. Fundamentally it is a Concept Plan and Planting Plan combined. Because of its complexity, a Master Plan is only useful for very small sites, parts of a site, or very simple designs. It is preferable to produce both a Concept Plan and a Planting Plan instead of a single Master Plan for more complex design.

Our concept plans are a full color design presentation of the new space, accurately drawn to an appropriate scale. They show the layout and materials, and broadly suggest the type of planting that could be used.  The main function of our concept plans is to demonstrate the design to our clients prior to the production of more detailed working drawings and planting plans.Our concept plans are usually complemented by colored hand drawings and 3-D visualization.

Our planting plans are produced directly from the concept plans. Symbols representing specific plants are drawn onto the plans, to scale, in the exact planting position. Our planting plans show the position of every plant and the numbers required and this is accompanied by a Plant Schedule. Similar to a 'shopping list', the schedule lists the plants, numbers required, grade or pot size, and ideally a supplier

Our hard landscaping plans are a pared down version of the concept plans, showing the layout of the design, all the features, paving patterns, surface finishes and existing plants that are part of the new garden. Linear dimensions, ranges of arcs and circles, levels, heights of some items, and brief technical notes are shown. Our hard landscaping plans show details directly concerned with construction, and nothing else.

For more complex design our hard landscaping plans are usually accompanied by other working drawings. Working drawings are additional drawings setting out specific installation and construction details such us elevations & cross-sections. Also available lighting plans and irrigation plans.

Using avant – guard technique and sophisticated software (AutoCAD - AutoSketch - 3DStudio Max) we can generate a set of ultra-realistic images. Our 3-D images that usually are produced along with our concept plans can help you visualize how your new landscaped space will look before you embark on an expensive landscaping project. Viewing your new project in 3-D before it even begins is a cost-effective way to be sure your results will be exactly what you dreamed they would be.


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